#BlackMusicMonth : Mini Docu-Series: Bill Speed

Black Music holds a special place in our hearts here at #TheSpeedBrand!

To celebrate all of the contributions Black music has deposited into our lives as individuals as well as our society as a whole we’ve produced a weekly mini-docu-series that chronicles moments in Black Music History,narrated by the one and only Music Industry Innovater: (#TheSpeedBrand’s own) Bill Speed.2018

1st installment of #BlackMusicMoments w/ BillSpeed:
Bill Speed reflects on the initial creation of Black Music Month and some moments in the industry.

#BlackMusicMoments EP 2:

Bill Speed Navigates though moments in Black Music History.
1930’s – 40’s


#BlackMusicMoments Ep 3.

Black music continued to evolve in the 50’s-60’s. Pushing black music to the forefront of american culture with the emergence of Rock & Roll, the start of the soul revolution & the birth of Motown.

#BlackMusicMoments Ep 4

Black Music reaches all new heights in the 70s with the emergence of funk, the soul revolution and an international sound. Narrated by Bill Speed

Final Chapter in #BlackMusicMonth Series.
Bill Speed Narrates Black Music Moments of the 80’s crossover to Modern day music.

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