New Beginnings, Fresh Start.

It’s been so long since I’ve created a new post, shame on me.

..But not without reason, I swear. I’ve been quite pre-occupied with transitioning and relocating to the Atlanta area.

Photo: #TheSpeedBrand Piedmont Park

As many of you know (some of you may not) moving always proves to be a daunting task filled with everything from stress, to excitment to anticipation…all the above. I’ve even questioned myself a couple times, things were going pretty well for me in Detroit…but being a big fish in a small pond gets boring, and I need to constantly grow and seek challenges. I’ve relocated from my hometown of Detroit before to DC but somehow this move felt different. Like it was in the stars if you will. Although, as with most out of state moves the first few months are rocky, frustrating, lonely… but I’m finally settling in to my new home, and to be honest besides my family I’m not missing much of Detroit at all. (Don’t hate me hometown).



The weathers beautiful, southerners are way friendlier and the southern food definately had me loosening my belt a few notches. I’m so excited to conquer Atlanta and make it my new stomping grounds! I’ve already began working on multiple projects that I’ll be sheding more details on as they progress. I’ve learned so much about myself during the past few months and I’ve grown so much.

I’m ready to slay this dragon, head on…in my princess tiara…. 🙂


Stay Tuned.

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  1. shon says:

    Go head cuzzo!! Do ya thing we proud of you back in the ‘land!! Go Tribe! 🙂

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