SPEED in Italy

  • It has always been a dream of mine to visit Italy. Mainly fueled by my love of Italian food, wine and art. I got a chance to cross this beautiful destination off my bucket list and it definitely did NOT disappoint.  I knew it was going to be a great trip once I discovered the flight offered complimentary wine to help sooth the 11 hour flight time. LOL From the moment I landed the landscape literally took my breath away. It’s was as if all of the Michelangelo creations I’d seen and drooled over came to life. As if somehow I walked into a live painting. The mountains, the grandiose architecture, the cobble stone streets of Florence, The history and strength of Rome, The stories and sights of pompeii, The pastel colored homes that where sprinkled against the rolling green hills. I literally whispered “Soooo beautiful” every 5 mins.

    The food changed my life! The freshness… yet satisfying sauces, the pastas and meats made me come home and clean out my refrigerator. lol The WINE…the WINE!!!! I def didn’t meet a glass that left me disappointed. Gelato… oh the gelato… lol I’m having flashbacks! hahaha

    The people were fairly friendly. Being a black woman in Europe esp Italy I expected stares. But They didn’t make me uncomfortable. Most of the time it was followed by a “Bella or Bellisima” which means beautiful. So I took it in stride. The people seemed fairly conversational which I was a bit surprised by, unfortunately, I didn’t brush up on my Italian and def suffered a language barrier, lucky for me, I traveled with someone who knew more than I and they were able to communicate. So, needless to say Italy was everything I dreamed and more. It was a trip of a lifetime and It lived up to everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful, Satisfying, and GRAND.


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