If I wrote about my entire experience in Cuba, You’d be reading for days.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, Its such an enchanting Island. The people, the culture, the history. The beauty of it and its complications. One of my biggest concerns about traveling to Cuba was the lack of internet and phone service, although that ended up being the most enjoyable thing about the trip.

It forced me to really submerge myself in the experience. Obsolete of the distraction of Social Media, scrolling, and minimal phone connection, I was forced to face my fears, face my awkward discomfort and merge into Cuban culture.

As I mentioned visually Cuba is stunning, pops of bright colors everywhere, Beautiful architecture, mixed with Spanish/African Culture, and a landscape that fulfills every “Beautiful Island” Daydream you’ve ever had.

The women are beautiful, the men are flirty, the rum is strong and the air smells of car exhaust. Mojitos are abundant. Live music is everywhere and can literally be heard on the streets, in the restaurants, bars…everywhere.

I’ve created this beautiful art  film to celebrate my trip to Cuba and I’ve attached a few pictures.



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  1. Douglas Blount says:

    Love your contribution to promote the culture,arts and positivity.

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